Jimmy Eat WorldA Praise Chorus (Live @London, 2001)

Have listened to this hundreds of times and just now realised there are references to other songs before the final chorus.

Here they are:
Tommy James and the Shondells - “Crimson and Clover”
Madness - “Our House”
The Promise Ring - “Why Did Ever We Meet”
Bad Company - “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy”
They Might Be Giants - “Don’t Let’s Start”
The Promise Ring - “All of My Everything”
Mötley Crüe - “Kickstart My Heart”

Respect to Promise Ring’s Davey van Bolen for singing them something they know.

Miyazakian creatures. Didn’t know these things exist, I’m glad they do.


The Cute Show – Capybara Bathhouse!

The capybara (which, according to google, is the world’s largest rodent) at Nagasaki Bio Park in Japan love to take dips in the park’s hot springs. The park allows visitors to get up close with the animals, so we tried our best to make friends with these shy little beasts. We interviewed Mr. Ito, the head of the park, and checked out the rodents in their element.